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Seriously, it did! (10.12.11-10.19.11)Collapse )

Also, I'm an old-school geoscience nerd. What did you expect? (strike-slip, dip-slip, strike-slip, dip-slip, subduct....)
It's time for another massive update!  Because we shamefully neglect the LiveJournal.
Callbacks Ahoy!

That'd Do It....

Oh, vodka, your magical Derp-inducing properties never fail to amuse me.  Let this be a lesson to you all -- if you're gonna drink, make sure to check the ingredient list before imbibing, so you at least you know what to expect.  The more you know.... ~~*
It's Actually Far Cuter Than The Story Title Would SuggestCollapse )
Another Brony is Born behind the cut!Collapse )
Experience Maggie's West Coast traumas behind the cutCollapse )
SCIENCE!!!!! Behind the cut!Collapse )
The Greatest British Production Never Made Premieres behind the cut....Collapse )
Jessi Makes a Spectacle(s) behind the cutCollapse )