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It's time for another massive update!  Because we shamefully neglect the LiveJournal.
Seriously, it did! (10.12.11-10.19.11)Collapse )

Also, I'm an old-school geoscience nerd. What did you expect? (strike-slip, dip-slip, strike-slip, dip-slip, subduct....)
This time, New Jersey & New England!Collapse )
Also, Japan is Crazy (But We Love It Anyway)Collapse )
Or, Matt & Jess Attend Matt's' 10th High School Reunion At The Nerdiest Place On Earth (Or At Least Northern VirginiaCollapse )

The amusing thing is that strips 1 & 3 here were basically taken verbatim from actual events. (Except for the LHC. We had a Cray supercomputer, not the LHC. Alas.)
For the record, I am not nearly this bad. But I did almost break down when they closed the last bookstore in the nearest three towns.Collapse )
Or, Cancer McCancercancer. Either way, apologies, Willis.Collapse )
We don't really understand what she says. We should probably be glad of that.Collapse )

So, yes, I did nerd out that hard. In my defense, I am a huge long-time comic geek, and we went to see the movie at midnight opening night, after a full day at work and driving several hours to Richmond. So I was seeing that stinger at about 2:30 AMish? So sleep deprivation may have played a wee bit of a role in my freakout.

(And because it was TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!)
An Epic Struggle of Chicken and Cosplay, Contained Within!Collapse )

Yes, this storyline took a long time to go up. In our defense, we were having to be grown-ups at the time, since we bought our first house during this period.
And for additional irony, halfway through this storyline, "Chik-A-Pik" decided to publicly support some views that neither of us could agree with in any way, shape or form. So we haven't been back since then. Oh, well....
And Mike & Ash are back!Collapse )
Another Long Storyarc! Scandalous!Collapse )