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Yes, this storyline took a long time to go up. In our defense, we were having to be grown-ups at the time, since we bought our first house during this period.
And for additional irony, halfway through this storyline, "Chik-A-Pik" decided to publicly support some views that neither of us could agree with in any way, shape or form. So we haven't been back since then. Oh, well....
yeah.. kinda hard. that real life thing.. I actually have to clean one of them with my business.. Makes me uneasy.. but money is tight..
I found a solution to the problem of eating at "Chik-A-Pik". Anytime I go grab lunch there, I also make a donation in the same amount to an organization that is fighting on the other side of those social issues. And of course 100% of that donation is going to the fight as opposed to just a small portion of the lunch charges going to the dark side.

I call it the Lunchtime Bigotry Offset. It means my "Chik-A-Pik" has doubled in price, but it also now does more societal good than harm when I eat it.