The Epic Storyline That Ate Our Lives (5.28.12 - 10.26.12)

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Yes, this storyline took a long time to go up. In our defense, we were having to be grown-ups at the time, since we bought our first house during this period.
And for additional irony, halfway through this storyline, "Chik-A-Pik" decided to publicly support some views that neither of us could agree with in any way, shape or form. So we haven't been back since then. Oh, well....

Avengers Assemble!! (5.9.12)

So, yes, I did nerd out that hard. In my defense, I am a huge long-time comic geek, and we went to see the movie at midnight opening night, after a full day at work and driving several hours to Richmond. So I was seeing that stinger at about 2:30 AMish? So sleep deprivation may have played a wee bit of a role in my freakout.

(And because it was TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!)